Adding, Removing MultiSensors via the MultiSensor App

Adding, Removing MultiSensors via the MultiSensor App

There are instances where you may need to remove and then add your MultiSensor via the MultiSensor app, to reinitialize.

First, you will want to open the MultiSensor application and select Configure on the bottom left. The Configure page will look like the screenshot below, with your current sensor(s), their names as well as their IDs. You will want to record the 15-digit Sensor ID number as you will need it shortly.



From here, select Delete and select Yes when prompted about deleting your device, as seen below:



Once the MultiSensor has been removed, you will click + New MultiSensor. From here, enter your desired name for your MultiSensor, as well as it's 15-digit Sensor ID you had previously recorded, and if you'd like, upload an image for the Sensor. Select your timezone and click Add. That screen is shown below:




As the last step, you will want to select Account on the bottom left and then Payments to verify your subscription status, you will want to read: Active for real-time monitoring, like the screenshot below:




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