MotoManage App: Onboarding a Router

Onboarding your router is a five-step process. If your account has no devices registered to it yet, the application will automatically take you to onboarding workflow.


Step 1: Initiate Onboarding

To initiate onboarding on an iPhone, you’ll need to first enable the camera so that the application can take a picture of a QR code on the bottom or back of your device. For an Android user, you will be asked for permission to use the camera during installation.

Tap the Scan QR Code button to proceed to step 2.

If you didn't enable the camera at installation, or the scan didn’t work, you will have to manually onboard your device. Tap the Scan not working? button to proceed to an alternate step 2.

mm_onboarding-router_get-started.png mm-onboarding-router_scan-qr-code.png mm_onboarding-router_access-camera.png

Step 2: Scan QR Code

On the bottom or back of your device, you will find a label with a QR code on it. Center the QR code within the camera. If the QR code is recognized, it will automatically be decoded, and the device will be registered.

mm_onboarding_mh702x-qr-code.png mm_onboarding-router_router-added.png

Alternate Step 2: Scan Not Working, Join Network using Default SSID

After tapping the Scan not working? button, you'll need to look on the bottom of your device to obtain the default SSID and password. Join the default WiFi network with your phone. Once connected, tap the I'm already Connected button.

Step 3: Register Device

Add a router to your Account by confirming your connection. The Motorola logo on the front of the unit should start blinking green while the unit powers up. If the logo is not blinking green, check that the on/off button on the back panel is pushed in. Wait for the Motorola logo to become solid green. This may take up to 2 minutes. If the Motorola logo does not stop blinking, please see Troubleshooting Onboarding.

mm_onboarding-router_router-setup1.png mm_onboarding-router_router-setup2.png mm_onboarding-router_router-setup3.png mm_onboarding-router_router-setup4.png mm_onboarding-router_router-setup5.png mm_onboarding-router_router-setup6.png

Step 4: Setup WiFi Network

You can change your radios to use your existing Wireless Network Name (SSID). Or, alternatively, you can create a new network name and password.

mm_onboarding_wifi-setup-success.png mm_onboarding-router_add-satellite.png mm_onboarding_moto-network-is-set-up.png

Step 5: Scan Network

  1. Detect and Test Internet Connection


  2. Detect Personal Computers and Laptops


  3. Detect Mobile Devices


  4. Detect Smart Appliances and IoT


  5. Detect Games & Entertainment


  6. Finish Scan




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