MotoManage App: Onboarding a Mesh Satellite

Onboarding a mesh satellite is essentially the same process as with a router, except that it is not necessary to set up the network and perform a security scan. This is because your network already has been configured and is being protected by Minim™. To onboard your Mesh Satellite, follow this 3-step process:

Step 1: Initiate Onboarding

Note: To onboard a device, you’ll need to enable the camera so that the application can take a picture of a QR code that is on the bottom or back of your device. For an Android user, you will be asked for permission to use the camera during installation.

Go to Settings Minim Settings Extend current network.


Tap the Scan QR Code button to proceed to step 2.


If you didn't enable the camera at installation, or the scan didn’t work, you will have to manually onboard your device. Tap the Scan not working? button to proceed to an alternate step 2.

Step 2: Scan QR Code

On the bottom or back of your device, you will find a label with a QR code on it. Center the QR code within the camera. If the QR code is recognized, it will automatically be decoded, and the device will be registered. If you have any additional Satellites, you will repeat this process for each one.

mm_onboarding_mh702x-qr-code.png onboarding-satellite_added-to-account.png

Alternate Step 2: Scan Not Working, Join Network using Default SSID

After tapping the Scan not working? button, you'll need to look on the bottom of your device to obtain the default SSID and password. Join the default WiFi network with your phone. Once connected, tap the I'm already Connected button.

Step 3: Register Device

Confirm your connection by adding a satellite to your account. Your MotoManage app will help you place the satellite and make sure it is connected to your network.


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