MultiSensor App Connection Error Messages - Motorola MC4000

MultiSensor App Connection Error Messages - Motorola MC4000

You may see a screen on the MultiSensor app that indicates there is a problem with your internet connection.

Here are two examples:

1.jpg   2.jpg

If this happens, check to see why your device might be offline.

  •    Are you out of range of service?

  •   In your device’s settings menu, check:

                                Are Wi-Fi and/or cellular enabled?

                                Is airplane mode disabled?

Once you have re-established a connection, click OK, or TRY AGAIN, as appropriate. (Check your device’s Wi-Fi and cellular connection icons to verify a connection).

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, trying closing and reopening the app.


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    Erin Kenny

    My problem is not an app connection error, it is telling me my IMEI number is invalid.

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