MD1600: Quality Of Service (QoS)

Setup the MD1600 up for Quality of Service:

After connecting to the MD1600 via the address for the Configuration Manager. You will want to select the Advanced button on the top right-hand side of the page. You then want to select Advanced Setup > Quality Of Service. On the page titled Queue Management Configuration make sure that Enable QoS is checked. Under Select Default, DSCP Mark, leave it set to the default.

*NOTE:  Marking the packets will slow down the throughput and it will also not work with HTTPS or other encrypted packets.

QoS using Queues:

On the page titled QoS Queue Setup click the Add button. From here, you will set up a new Queue, assign it a name, enable it and select its interface.

You will also select the Queue Precedence.  The lower the value here, the higher the traffic priority assigned to this queue.

Recommended settings are 1 (SP) - 7 (SP) *SP: Strict Priority

You can also select the minimum rate, shaping rate, and the shaping burst size. Select Apply/Save. You will now see the Queue you created under QoS Queue Setup.

Select QoS Port Classification:

This page allows a rule to be setup to determine what traffic uses the queue that was created.

You can specify the packets to use the queue by source or destination MAC Address.

You can also specify a Rate/Speed Limit (Kbits/sec) for packets exiting the queue.

QoS by controlling Interface Speed:

Select QoS Port Shaping.  On this page you can specify the throughput speed (Kbps) for each interface.

Here you can limit the downstream rate on the WAN interface which will affect all users.
You can also limit the downstream rate on the individual ethernet ports, 1-4.  Select Apply/Save.

That is a basic setup that will affect the hardware ports on the device.

Under QoS Queue Configuration:

There are 4 hardware Ethernet ports on the device but in the interface dropdown, you have the following:

Eth0 (for WAN port)

Eth1-4 (For LAN port)

atm0 (for ADSL)

ptm0 (For VDSL)








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