MD1600: How to enable and view the system log

MD1600: How to enable and view the system log

  1. Login to the modem: Open your Internet browser. 
    In the address field, type in:  [hit enter]
    Username:  admin
    Password:  motorola
  2. Select Advanced at the top right
  3. Select Management on the left side
  4. Select System Log on the left
  5. Select Configure System Log (middle of the page)

          Log:  Select Enable
Log Level: Select Debugging
Display Level: Select Debugging
Mode: Select Local

  1. Click Apply/Save
  2. Now click System Log on the left
  3. Click View System Log

A pop-up window should appear that displays log messages

If you do NOT see a pop-up window appear, it may be blocked by your browser's pop-up restriction.  You would need to allow pop-up's.

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