MD1600: How to secure Guest Network

MD1600: How to secure Guest Network

  1. Login to the modem: Open your Internet browser. 
    In the address field, type in:  [hit enter]
    Username:  admin
    Password:  motorola

  2. Select Advanced at the top right

  3. On the left, select WiFi

          At the bottom, enable the Guest Network(s) you would like

Maximum clients is 16 (you will get an error if you try to enter more than 16 in the field)

          You can rename the Guest Network SSID (name) here.
          Click Apply/Save

  1. On the left, click 5 GHz or 2.4 GHz

  2. Click Security

  3. Scroll down to "Manual Setup AP"

          You can enable WPS here (lets you easily connect WPS-supported client devices to your router wirelessly).

  1. Select the SSID (Guest network) using the drop-down arrow

  2. Select which network authentication you would like, passphrase, etc.

  3. Click Apply/Save when done making changes.

    You will need to to repeat steps 7-9 for each Guest network you have enabled.

   10. You can Logout of the modem now

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