Beware of used and Refurbished Cable Modems and Cable Modem/Routers!


We strongly advise that you NOT buy used or Refurbished cable modems or modem/routers unless they are guaranteed FACTORY REFURBISHED. 

Here's why we recommend you buy NEW products:

1)  Used or Refurbished devices may not work with your account because they are associated by your service provider with the account of a previous user.  Here's why...

  • Someone may have installed the device on his or her service provider's network.
  • The service provider associated the unique factory-programmed device ID with that person's account.
  • The person may have removed the device without notifying his or her service provider.
  • The device remains attached to the account of the person who installed the device unless the factory reprograms the device's ID number.
  • The service provider will see the device as already associated with the earlier account, and will not accept it on another account.

2)  Used or Refurbished devices may be defective.  It costs tens of thousands of dollars to set up a test station for cable modems and even more for wireless gateways.  Motorola modems and gateways are subject to a strict test procedure and acceptance criteria.  Often 3rd party refurbishers are not capable of testing to that level.

3)  These devices may have parts missing, or incorrect parts such as power cubes may have been substituted, making the device susceptible to damage due to lightning and other power surges.  

4)  The warranty may be void for these devices.  Only new devices sold by MTRLC LLC and its authorized re-sellers are covered by the MTRLC 2-year warranty.  All other devices are at your own risk and will not be covered by the warranty.

The bottom line is that you're much safer buying NEW cable modems and modem/routers, or at least factory refurbished ones.   New ones are best!


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