MR2600: How do I find the assigned IP addresses of devices listed under SmartQoS?

How do I find the assigned IP addresses of the devices listed under SmartQoS in the MR2600?



Bring up a  browser ( i.e.  Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Safari) 

In the address bar, type

This will bring up the log in page.   Type motorola for the password and click Log In.

Click on Services at the menu on the top, and then click SmartQoS

All the connected devices to the router are listed under the heading Device Name.

*Make a note of each Device Name listed that you want to know the assigned IP address for.

On the menu at the top, click on Network/Network  Settings page

Scroll down on this page to the DHCP Client List. 

Check for the Host Name listed under Device Name in the SmartQoS and locate the assigned IP address.


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