MB8600- Setup to use with Comcast/Xfinity or other provider

Setting up the MB8600 with a router:

To use with Comcast / Xfinity:

1) Plug in the MB8600, attach coax cable, and connect port 1 to a laptop with Ethernet cord

2) Go to Xfinity setup webpage on your laptop and enter account credentials to activate modem

(You can also call Xfinity to activate your new modem)

If you are connecting to another service provider, you may need to call them to activate your new modem

3) Modem will reset and then you should have wired web connectivity with your laptop

4) Unplug power to your MB8600.  Disconnect laptop.  Connect port 1 of modem with Ethernet cable to your router (make sure your router is powered on).  

5) Power on your MB8600.  Once the MB8600 has turned on and functioning, your wifi should now work.

  - You may need to factory reset your router to get it to connect with this modem. 

  - This is a bridge modem, so you must power it down before connecting a router. (With the MB8600 powered OFF, plug the router into the modem before turning on the power to the MB8600 ON)

  - Only one port can be used. The rest are for bridging signals once that functionality is available from your service provider. You can only use one of the four Ethernet ports on the back of the modem


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