How to login to modem/router

How to login to your Motorola unit:

Open an Internet browser.  In the address field, type in:  
(for Motorola modems MB series): 
(for Motorola modem/router combos):
Click Enter

The default username is:   admin
The default password is:   motorola
(all lower case)

Click Login

Can't log in with

Try using
Make sure you are using the username: admin and password: motorola

Still can't log in?
Make sure you have a Motorola brand unit.
Your model should begin with "M" (example:  MB8600, MG7550, MD1600)
If you model begins with "SB" - you have an ARRIS unit and would want to contact Arris support at 1-877-466-8646

Still can't log in?
Set your device to factory default settings:

  • You will need a pin or straightened paper clip.
    This is done with the power ON.
    In the back of your device, locate the RESET hole.
    Push the RESET hole in for about 25 seconds.
    Wait for the unit to reconnect.

Still can't log in?

Contact our Tech Support or call us at 1-800-753-0797
(Monday-Friday 8:30am-10pm.  Saturday 8:30am-5pm Eastern Time)

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