5G not showing up

Is the 5 GHz not appearing on your network?

  • Did you accidentally turn the wireless off? On the front of your modem - Do you see the wireless symbol and the number 5 lit up?

    If not then perhaps someone hit the WLAN button in the back accidentally (even if moving the unit slightly).

This can happen if the WLAN button is touched for 1-2 seconds - and the WIFI gets turned off.

  • Please try holding the WLAN button in the back for about 8-10 seconds. Then let go. The WIFI symbol and the number 5 should be lit up on the front of the modem.

  • You might try doing a factory reset for your device. It is a good idea to reset the unit back to factory settings and clear out any glitches that may have developed within the unit (especially if you are starting to experience problems that were not there before).

    Please take any notes of any special settings that you may have applied to the unit or save a backup config file before doing the reset. 


To do the hard reset:

You will need a pin or straightened paper clip. In the back of your device there is a RESET hole - push in for about 25 seconds and then release. This is done with the power ON.

Wait for the unit to reconnect (load the back up config file if needed) or input the settings you want manually and see if you can connect to the 5G with your devices.

If none of the above work, please contact our Technical Support team for help:

1-800-753-0797  (Monday - Friday, 8:30am-10:00pm Eastern time)
                            (Saturdays, 8:30am-5:00pm Eastern time)

You can also open a ticket by emailing us at:  support@motorolanetwork.com


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