MB8600: No Internet, Slow or Intermittent Connection

MB8600:  No Internet, Slow or Intermittent Connection


No internet connection?

You want to make sure the UP and DOWN arrow on your modem is solid blue and the globe icon is solid green.  If not, contact your Internet Service Provider to see if they are having an outage or there may be an issue with your line.

The first thing you should do is power cycle your modem.  Turn the modem around to the back and push the ON/OFF button until you see the lights turn off on the front of your MB8600.

Wait 20 seconds, then turn the modem on.  Wait until all the lights generate (about 5-10 minutes). 

*Make sure you power cycle any device that connects to your MB8600 as well
(smart phones, gaming consoles, smart TV's, tablets, laptops, iPads etc.)

Now try connecting to the internet again.

If you are still not connecting after a reboot to your modem, here are some extensive troubleshooting steps for your modem: Troubleshooting Steps

Try a Factory Reset.  This sets your modem back to the day you got it.  This solves a lot of problems!  (Note:  If you changed your wireless network name and/or password, that will be erased and will go back to factory settings.  All of the information you need is on the bottom of your modem on the white sticker.)

Factory Reset:

Locate the RESET button on the back of your modem.
Press the RESET button and hold it for 30 seconds before you release.

After 30 seconds has passed, release the RESET button.  This will clear all configuration in the product and pull a fresh connection from your Internet Service Provider.

Intermittent Connection

If your internet connection seems to drop every now and then,  check your modem's event log to see if you are getting T3 or T4 Time outs.  If you are, your signal from your internet service provider is dropping.  You would need to have a service visit from your Internet service provider  to come out and check the lines.

What is a T3 or T4 Time out?

This means the cable modem has sent ranging requests without receiving a response from the upstream control center (CMTS).

Your modem talks to your Internet Service Provider.  Essentially saying  "Hey, can you hear me?".  If the modem doesn't receive a response back in the specified time frame, it logs the event as a critical T3 timeout.

The modem then increases the ranging power (US TX), which is the technical equivalent of raising its voice to your service provider, again saying "Hey, can you hear me?".

If no response is received, the modem logs another T3 timeout. The process repeats until the modem and the CMTS establish communication at an acceptable level. If you see multiple T3 timeouts in a single day, it's an indication that a less-than-optimal condition exists.  (normally something in your line needs to be repaired by your service provider).

You may also want to remove a splitter if you're using one and try connecting your modem without the splitter.  If that resolves the intermittent drops, replace your splitter.


Open an Internet browser.  In the address field, type in:

The default username is:   admin
The default password is:   motorola
(all lower case)

Click Login.

Click the "Advanced" tab on the top right side.




If you do see the T3/T4 errors mentioned above, you will need to call your Internet Service Provider.

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  • Avatar
    Jonathan Gray

    So I went through all the troubleshooting on the MB 8600. I had Comcast out to check the signal they said everything was good. I then called Comcast was able to hook up my old surfboard three and got connectivity to the Internet. What I have come up with is a problem in my modem.

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    Lei G

    Same thing happened to me. I ordered the MB8600 when it came out and everything was good till last week, of course it’s out of warranty... It was great while it lasted, I just hope the new one I got doesn’t have the same problem or I’m done with Motorola.

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