Setup, Install, Activate the MG7550

Setup, Install, Activate the MG7550

Once the unit is unpackaged, make sure the included power adapter has the following specifications:

DoE-compliant Level VI energy-saving, UL-listed power adapter with 12 Volt DC, 2.5 Amp output and 100-240VAC universal input. NEMA 1-15 (North American style) 2-prong plug is provided in the US.

If that power adapter is correct, plug it into the green "POWER" port on the back of your new MG7550 modem.  Plug the other end into a power outlet.  At this point, you will also want to attach the coaxial cable in your home or apartment to the blue "COAX" entry. Now press the ON/OFF button located on the back of the unit in the green section (above "POWER").


Pay attention to the lights in the front of the modem.  The lights should start cycling up and starting to blink.  You will need to wait about 15 minutes.  Then you should see:


Once the unit is at this point you will want to call your local cable service provider office and let them know you have a new Motorola unit and you need to activate it for online service.

They should ask you for the CM Mac address located on the bottom label of the Modem (see picture).


Once they enter that into their system it may take 15-20 minutes for the unit to fully be activated to the service. At that point, you can either connect directly to the Motorola MG7550 with an Ethernet cable or connect to the wireless.

The wireless default settings are located on the bottom of the unit (to the right of the CM MAC number).  You will see the 2.4G and the 5G Wireless Network Names (SSID).  Directly under that, you will see the Wireless Security Key/Password.

You should be able to connect to your wireless network and start browsing after you enter that information into your device.

Please note that if you see an Activation screen, or “Your connection is not private” error message, or a "DNS Server" error message, the unit is not properly activated and you will need to call your internet service provider back. 

If after 15 minutes your unit is not fully synced up, you may have some issues.

Look at the front of the modem and pay attention to the lights:


Down Arrow Blinking GREEN but does not change:
The modem is not getting a signal from your Internet Service Provider through the coaxial connection.
Try another coaxial port or another coaxial cable to see if either of those are an issue.

Down Arrow is solid GREEN but UP ARROW is blinking:
You are getting a signal from your Internet Service Provider but your router is having some trouble communicating back to your service provider.
This can be caused by splitters.  If you are using a splitter, we suggest bypassing the splitter (removing it) and connecting directly to the main cable line.  If that does not resolve the issue, you may have to have your service provider send a technician out to your location and do a full line maintenance.

Down Arrow & UP Arrow are both solid lights but the ONLINE light is blinking:

This is a configuration issue.  

We suggest that you reset the product by holding the reset button (located in the reset pinhole on the back of the unit) for 30 seconds. That will clear the configuration in the product and pull a fresh connection from the Internet service provider.

If the unit cycles back up and still cannot go past the blinking online light, you will need to call the internet service provider and have them fix the configuration file as it is incorrect.

You can always contact our Technical Support team to assist you at 1-800-753-0797 between the hours of 8:30am-10pm EST Monday – Friday. We are also open on Saturdays from 8:30am - 5pm EST.




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