Internet connection drops with the MG7540

If your internet connection is dropping on your MG7540, you will need to determine if it is the wireless connection dropping or the entire connection dropping.

If you have any devices connected through Ethernet and they are losing connection, you may be having connection issues from your Internet Service Provider. 

If you determine it may be your wireless connection, you should follow our wireless optimization guide: Wireless Guide

If the wired Ethernet connections are dropping, you should log into the Motorola MG7540 configuration page.

Open your Web Browser.  In the address bar (located at the very top of the browser), type in:   (then press the ENTER key)

In the login dialog box, type the following user name and password in lower case, then click OK.
User Name: admin
Password:   motorola

The "Basic Status and Settings" page should appear.  It should look similar to the following page:

You will want to select "Advanced" in the top right corner.  Then go to "Status" in the top left.
Hover your mouse over "Status" and select "Connections."

You will some information about the line conditions coming from your Internet Service Provider.  Look at the last 2 columns of the "Downstream Bonded Channels."  They should be labeled Corrected and Uncorrected.

If there are any numbers listed in those columns, that is an indication of line issues causing packets to drop.  The service provider typically has to run a line maintenance to resolve that issue.  You would want to call your Internet service provider and let them know you logged into your modem and suspect you may have a line issue (explain what you did so the tech knows you have already looked into your modem logs).

Next you will want to hover your mouse over STATUS at the top, once again, and select "Event Log."

You will see a table that has 3 columns:
Column 1:  Time & Date
Column 2:  Priority
Column 3:  Description

If there are any Critical 3 priority entries with a description listing T3 or T4 Timeout, that indicates the signal from your Internet Service Provider is dropping.  If you have several of these entries, you will need to call your service provider and have them check their signals.

Another thing you can do is remove any splitters you have connected through your modem.  If the problem stops, replace your splitter.

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