MG7310 wireless speed is slow

Question:  I have an MG7310 and my wireless speed is slow.  Why?  What can I do to improve the wireless speed?

Model MG7310 does not support 5 GHz.  Unfortunately, the 2.4 GHz is not as fast as the 5 GHz, and the 2.4 shares frequency with so many other types of wireless devices.  Therefore, causes interference.

Our Dual-band models, which support both 2.4 and 5, are: MG7550 and MG7540.
The 5 GHz wi-fi channels are further apart and won't interfere with each other as much as the 2.4 GHz does.

I would suggest running a scan to see what channels your neighbors are on.

If you’re using a splitter with your modem, try removing the splitter to see if that helps. If it does, you may need to get a better splitter.  You can buy an inexpensive splitter at Walmart/Best Buy/Home Depot, etc.

Here is how to scan to find channels that are over-used around you:

Note that Wi-Fi channels overlap with nearby channels. Channels 1, 6, and 11 are the most frequently used for 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, and these three are the only ones that don’t overlap with each other.

For Windows users - search for and download "WifiInfoView" (you will need to use a computer for this, not your iPhone/iPad). 

For Android users - (if you prefer to scan on your phone instead of your computer), download the App "Wifi Analyzer"

For Mac users - see our instructions here.

We also created a wireless optimization guide for the MG7310 here.

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