Wireless network scanning with Mac Computer

I use a Mac computer.  Can I optimize my wireless settings so my wireless speed is faster?

Answer:  Yes, MacOS has a wireless network scanner already integrated into your computer.
You can use your Mac computer to fine tune your cable modem to optimize your wireless settings.

To access it, hold down the Option key and click the Wi-Fi icon on the menu bar at the top left of your screen. This will bring up your normal list of available networks near you as well as a new set of diagnostic information from the network you are currently connected to.


Select the third option from the drop down list, Open Wireless Diagnostics. Ignore the wizard that appears and click the Window option from your toolbar, then select Scan. This will open the scan tool and will automatically initiate a scan like the image below. In the table on the left, you'll see "Best 2.4 GHz" and "Best 5 GHz"   This tool will recommend which channels to try. 


Here are more in-depth "wireless tuning" guides  (If your model # is not listed below, most of our modems share the same format when you login, so select a guide closest to your model # and follow that guide):

MG7310          MG7315        MG7540/7550

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