How to change the admin login for the MB8600

To change the administrator login:

Open an Internet browser.  In the address field, type in:

The default username is:   admin
The default password is:   motorola
(all lower case)

Click Login.

Click the "Advanced" tab on the top right side.


Click the "Security" tab.


Under Security, where it shows "Username & Password" you can change both the username and password if you like.


Username:                  admin
Current Password:    motorola

New username:   You may change the username or keep it at 'admin' by typing in:  admin

New Password:   The new password may be up to 15 characters: a to z and 0-9, upper and lowercase accepted.  No special characters

Now click SAVE.

Please note:
Both the Username and Password are case sensitive.  If you change either of these and forget what they are you will not be able to access the modem without doing a factory reset.
(this will return the Username and Password to the factory defaults. There is no other way to recover the password and username).

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