How to setup Port Forwarding using the MG7550

How to setup Port Forwarding using the MG7550


The Port Forwarding process opens up ports that are normally blocked for protection to effectively communicate from one address and port number combination to another (i.e. Game consoles, security cameras etc)

Follow the given steps to port forward an IPv4 rule on the MG7310

1. Open a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Fireforx, Safari etc)

2. In the address bar type the default gateway of, then hit Enter

3. When at the login page type below and click Login

Username:     admin

Password:     motorola

4. When logged in, click on Advanced from top right of the screen

5. From the menu, click on Advanced Router

6. Click on Forwarding

7. Click on the button that reads "Add_IPv4"

8. For the Local IP Address, you should type the IP address of the device you are trying to forward

**NOTE:  Do NOT enter the IP address of your MG7550 for the "Local IP Address"
If you have entered - it will not work
It must be the IP address of your device (gaming console, IP Camera, etc)

9. For the Local Start Port and Local End Port, should be the port you are trying to forward

10. The External IP Address must remain

11. The External Start Ports and External End Ports are also the same port as before that you are trying to forward to

12. Select either TCP, UDP, or Both for Protocol

13. If desired, type a brief description of the port you are forwarding, you do have the option to leave blank as well

14. Enable and then hit Save

15. Power Cycle modem/router along with device that requires the Port Forwarding Rule

Note: If necessary to open more ports follow the same steps as before, by adding new IPv4 rule.












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