No Internet connection after a sudden outage using Motorola Cable Modem MB7220 and MB7420 connected to separate router

I lost the cable connection to my cable modem because of a sudden outage and although the lights on the Motorola cable modem now indicates it is connected to the cable service, my router is not giving me a connection to the internet. What should I do?

Answer: Whenever you have problems with the connection between the cable modem and your router, the best thing to do is to power down completely both the cable modem and the router.

1. Power up the cable modem and wait for it to sync completely up to the cable service.

2. Once the Downstream arrow, Upstream arrow and the round ON-LINE symbol become solid, then power up the router. This should allow the router to receive the WAN IP from the Motorola modem and be connected to the internet.

Note: If devices like PCs, tables and phones still have issues, power cycle them as well to get new addresses.



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