How to set a Static DNS in the Motorola MG7310


1. In order to setup a static DNS in the MG7310 different from the one assigned by the cable provider, you must first disconnect the coaxial cable connection.
   *Make sure your computer is connected to the modem via an ethernet cable

2. Once the coaxial cable is disconnected, bring up a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari etc.)

3. In the Address Bar (URL) type and hit the Enter key

4. Once at login page type "admin" for the Username,  then type "motorola" for the Password

5. At top right corner Click on Advanced

6. Click on Status

7. Click on Connection

8. Scroll down to section titled "IPv4 DNS Servers"

9. Select "Disabled" for "Obtain Automatically from MSO"

10. Type in the desired settings for Primary DNS and Secondary DNS

11. Click Save

12. Reconnect coaxial cable to the modem, then wait for modem to sync back up

 If you get an error:  "There was something wrong with the entry.  Please check and try again." 

There are a couple of reasons you may see this error:

  • You may have forgotten to disconnect the coaxial cable from the modem before trying to make DNS changes.
  • You entered the DNS address incorrectly
    Double-check that you have the correct DNS addresses
    Try entering the DNS addresses again 

If you have disconnected the coaxial cable and verified the DNS settings are correct and still receive this error, you will need to do a hard reset on the modem to clear out this error:


Please take any notes of any special settings that you may have applied to the unit.

(OPTIONAL): Save a backup config file before doing the reset. If you save a backup config file, you can just load the config file with all the settings back into the router after the reset.


You will need a pin or straightened paper clip.

Leave the modem power ON.

In the back of your device, locate the RESET hole.

Push the RESET hole in for about 25 seconds.


Wait for the unit to reconnect. (Load the back up config file, if you backed it up) or input the settings you want manually. or call us at 1-800-753-0797 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-10pm.  Saturday 8:30am-5pm Eastern Time).



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