How do I set-up Port Forwarding on my Motorola Cable Modem Gateway?

Port Forwarding opens ports to deliver traffic from the Internet directly to devices like game consoles, security cameras, web servers, etc. Ordinarily, the router’s firewall would block this traffic.

What is needed:
The IP address of the client device (i.e. your PC, gaming console, security camera)
The port number(s) and the protocol (TCP, UDP, or both)

Open up a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).  Type into the address box and press Enter.  You will be directed to a Login page.

Type admin in the username box and motorola in the password box.Click on Advanced on the top right hand corner.

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You will now be on the Home Page of the Modem Gateway.

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Click on the Advanced button on the top right of the page to go to advanced settings.  Once in advanced settings, click on Advanced Router > Forwarding

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Click the Add_IPv4 button to bring up the Add a Forwarding Rule set-up page.

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  1. Local IP Address: Enter the IP Address of the client computer/device you are trying to forward to.
  2. Local Start Port/End Port: Enter the port number you are trying to forward in both the Start Port and the End Port
  3. External IP Address: This should be left at the default IP Address of
  4. External Start Port: Enter the same port number you put in the Start Port under the Local section above. The End Port should automatically fill with the Start Port
  5. Protocol: Select the Protocol that is required for the port you are forwarding. If you are unaware of the Protocol you can also try selecting the Both
  6. Enable/Disable: Be sure to Enable the rule if you want to work.

Click the Save button at the bottom to apply these changed.  If you have multiple ports you would like to forward, just follow the same steps above.


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