Slow internet or intermittent connection drops

Open up an Internet browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or other).

In the address bar, enter:   (For modems - model beginning with "MB")       (Modem/Router combo - model beginning with "MG")       (Router - model beginning with "MR)

Username:  admin 
Password:   motorola

Click Advanced on the top right hand corner.

Click Status, and then Connections.

Here you will see a table of downstream channels.

The Status column should show some or all channels as Locked, depending on your service provider’s infrastructure in your area.

Look at the SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) column to the right of the status column, and check to see that the values there are above 30dB. If they are below 30dB, the SNR is too low. This is something you should speak to your service provider about.

Also note the Corrected and Uncorrected columns farther to the right in the table. Quite a number corrected and uncorrected packets can accumulate over time without impacting performance. However, if you see a large number of uncorrected packets after your cable modem has been running only a short time, that indicates a problem with your connection. This may result in poor performance including slow downloads and page loads.

You can check this by rebooting your cable modem and re-checking this page shortly after your cable modem has reconnected. If you do see a large number (tens to hundreds of thousands or more) of uncorrected packets, this is something you should speak to your service provider about.

On the Connection page you will also see a table of upstream channels. Upstream power level limits depend on the number of upstream channels locked. 

Downstream Power Levels

Cable Modems -10dBmV +10dBmV
Gateways -7dBmV +7dBmV


Specification      Min             Max
Gateways and EMTAs -7dBmV +7dBmV
Downstream Signal to Noise Ratio 35dB -
Upstream Power Level +35dBmV +50dBmV


If your device's upstream power levels are outside the Power Limits shown, you should contact your service provider.

Click on Status, and then the Event Log sub menu.

 Here you can see indications of issues that may be affecting your connection. If you see T3 or T4 timeouts, this may indicate problems with your connection that you will need to ask your service provider to address.

Check the Motorola whitepaper Evaluating Your Cable Internet Connection at this link for more detailed information:

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