How do I configure my Motorola Cable Gateway for gaming using UPnP? (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo, etc...)

UPnP (Universal Plug-and-Play) is used to help Internet applications and clients access your network and connect to other devices. This is used to applications such as online gaming, P2P (Peer-to-peer) connection, and online messaging systems.

To enable or disable UPnP, please follow the instructions below:

Open up a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc).  Type into the address box and press Enter.  You will be directed to a Login page.

Type admin in the username box and motorola in the password box.

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You will not be on the Home Page of the Modem Gateway.

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Click on the Advanced button on the top right of the page to go to advanced settings.  Once in advanced settings, click on Advanced Router > Options

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On this page you will see UPnP.  You want to put a check mark into the box to the right to enable this feature.  Once you have done this, press the Save button to apply this change.  The Options page will refresh quickly, indicating the change has been applied.

To disable the UPnP just remove the check mark from the box and press Save to apply.

Your settings should be changed and if you have enabled UPnP your gaming experience should be better. If not, please refer to the Port Forwarding F.A.Q. linked below:

How to Port Forward

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