How do I set static DNS in the Motorola wireless modem router? MG7310. MG7315 and MG7540 and MG7550)?


1. You must power down the cable modem router. You must  disconnect  the coaxial cable connection in order to be able to set up a static DNS in the MG7310 different from the one assigned by the  cable provider

2. Once the co-axial cable is disconnected,  bring up a browser  ( i.e. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) and log into the router with

Username    admin

Password     motorola

3. Click on Advanced,  Status,  Connection

4. At the bottom of this page, you will see  the section titled   IPV4 DNS Server.

5. Select Disabled for Obtain Automatically from MSO

6. Put in the desired settings for the Primary DNS  and the Secondary DNS

7. Click Save and then reconnect the co axial cable to the modem and wait for it to sync back up.

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